Here at APS Freight we strive to offer a complete road transport service. We have weekly economy groupage services to and from all of our destinations. However we realize that flexibility is essential in today’s environment. To this end we offer a number of complimentary services for cargo that just cannot wait. We will take details from you and offer you the most reliable and cost effective way to move your cargo within your time frame.

We enjoy the benefit of local warehousing and a nationwide collection / delivery system. Our warehouse is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Our trucks do not have to wait overnight or over an entire weekend to be loaded or unloaded. Meaning your cargo arrives at its destination that much sooner.

With a large number of our destinations being outside the European Union, accuracy is essential when completing customs documents as the slightest error can result in huge delays. The benefit of our excellent customs clearance team cannot be overstated. With our office in Dover’s western docks open throughout the night, every night, we are able to ensure every driver’s documentation is checked and double checked before departure, thereby reducing the risk of delays enormously.

In order to offer the best possible service the appointment of our representative agents in these countries has been a very thorough process. We have only entered into agreements with company’s that share our attitude and aims. We as a unit believe that customer satisfaction is the paramount goal. We believe that every effort in every facet of our organization contributes to the overall goal: to get your cargo safely to where you want it when you want it.

We therefore monitor your shipment from the original quotation request through to the cargo being delivered, we understand that you depend upon information, prompt but above all factual information when you choose to work with APS Freight Ltd., you can expect the following:

Wherever possible you will be quoted immediately, no waiting for a call back!
A written quotation within half an hour.
Written confirmation that your order has been received.
A unique consignment reference, which can be quoted to speed any enquiries.
Written shipping details.
Written confirmation of delivery.

Our transport personnel are hugely experienced and as you have read, have the backing of a twenty-four hour, seven day week support team. Please select a county from the list below for specific service information or contact the team now. We are always ready to help.

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